Political wings in Universities

Whenever a student goes to university very first day he take some dreams with him.His parents got some dreams which they used to see from the early age of their child and now they are very near to see them in real.But the real problem arises when their children instead of chasing their goals went into wrong hands and decide to join any political wing in university.Taking about the current incidents in one of the biggest university of Pakistan University of Punjab,when there was fight between “Islami jamiyat Talba” and the police officals when police tried to check the hostel when informed about arms in the hostel.The political activists of the university¬†pelleted stones on the police officals. Now the question arises that from where those stones came in hostel.Brain says that that strategy from the activists was pre-planned and that was their plan in order of police riot.

Now the question arises that how to tackle with these type of wings.According to these unions,they says that they are fighting for the rights of the students.Well this is right upto some extent.They use their powers sometimes to solve the problems of the students but most of the time they use their powers in wrong direction.The above mentioned incident is not the only one.There are number of incidents happened in past too,but is it possible to completely stop these unions?I think not because at this stage they are now grown very much and any action that will try to ban them will be opposed heavily by them and they will use their powers again for survival but the mindset of the students could be changed.If and only if we as an individual try to take the responsibility and to create the atmosphere of tolerence than these type of incidents can be stopped.Unions should know their responsibilities and should know their limits and if they goes out of limit very often then government should take some serious steps in order to put the responsible people behind the bars


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