Census…Why it is necessary?

At last the big news is around the corner.Pakistan is all set to conduct the census after 19 years.The last time when census was conducted in Pakistan was back in 1998.This event at this stage will play a major part in determining the direction of the country.Now the question is that what will be the results which could be produced after the event.

  • Edge in the war against terrorism:Just at the stage when the operation Rad ul Fasad is started across the country aided by the armed forces of the country, census at this stage will play vital role.If conducted with full dedication it will determine the  number of the people who are living in the country illegally.It will also determine the number of Afghan immigrants who crossed the border in the early past.Just with the census, government is also interested in sealing the Pak Afghan 2300 KM border in response of the recent terrorists attacks being held across the country in the recent days which costs us 100+ lives.So both these factors will contribute towards the development of peace in the country.
  • Determining the literacy rate of the country:One of the most important result which we will get after the census is the determination of the literacy rate which is still a myth for Pakistan.Government uses high number to tell the literacy rate just for point scoring but the actual story tells different thing.So this will set a direction for the policy makers if they will consider this seriously
  • Involvement of transsexuals: For the first time in the history of Pakistan transsexuals will be counted in the census.In Pakistan it is not a common practice to provide equal opportunities to transsexuals which is surely injustice to them.In the result of census the exact number will be determined which may attract policy makers towards them and may government take some serious steps to give them their rights
  • Electoral benefits: Just when general elections are around the corner and considering the fact that the previous elections were blamed heavily to be rigged, census will give advantage to make electoral process easier and comfortable
    Some other advantages may include the direction for solution of energy crisis,educational facilities around the country and the direction to improve the intra structure of the country.

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