The winning Mentality!!!

Attitude is everything.What you thinks you become.If you will have positive attitude towards the problems of life,you will unlock the doors towards the destination.Attitude is the thing which differentiate optimists from pessimists.attitude is the thing which differentiate champion from a looser.


What you think is the first step towards achieving your goal.If your will give respect to your fears then you will not be able to enjoy the perks of the successful life.Well its true that you will face obstacles while chasing your goals.The biggest of them will be criticism. In fact I must say that if you are no facing criticism than you should know that you are not doing any thing productive in life.The one who will not care about the criticism of other people will pass the first stage of  success.Never ever kill your dream just because anybody else don’t like it.Everyone has his own life and every one of us has the right to live his life with full passion.Secondly do the things which you like because if you are just following the trend and not following your passion than you are not actually living,you are just surviving.If you like technology go in that field.If you like paints become an artist.If you like singing,go and chase your dream.In a nutshell don’t be the puppet who is being controlled by the society.Try to figure out your purpose in life,because a man without purpose is just like animal who is surviving and is happy because he is getting something to eat two times a day and to get this he is serving his lord.So be a human being with purpose,because a human being with purpose is the most powerful thing present in this universe.Follow the signs and intuition because at some stages you will feel hopeless,you will feel down.Here the difference lies between a champion and a looser because a champion will overcome the obstacles while looser will just quit.The one who will quit will not enjoy the perks of success.If you have not find your purpose of life yet than find it not only because of you but also due to those who will get rewarded when you will achieve your dream.Never think that you cannot do it,because this thinking will kill your passion.


Try to do justice with your talent,skills and passion because if you will not do justice with them then at some stage of your life you will find that you have lost the moon while counting the stars.You will find that your dreams will be buried with you at the end if you will not follow them because at the end we all are going to DIE so let make the life worth remembering so that at the end you will be able to say



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