The modern technology!!!How it is destroying the youth?

With the every passing day the technology is touching the height of fame.Count it as smartphone or laptops,today’s youth is paying the price of this emerging technology.Recent research shows that a teenager consumes more time on smartphones per day than their sleep.This is very serious situation.Social media is playing important role to silence the talent of the youth.A teenager today prefer to sit having cell phone in his hand than to invest his time in some productive thing.This is one of the core reason that youth today does not satisfy the criteria to be a successful person.A person prefers to spend time on facebook than to develop his communication skills.He prefers to scroll down pictures on instagram than to develop his mental strenght. Book reading is the died habit in today’s youth.Some years ago book reading was one of the favourite hobby of youth but with the evolution of modern technology a teenager prefers to waste his time on twitter than to read the book.Book reading is the food of thought.With book reading you can develop brilliant minds,you can develop productive minds.A facebook story is now intriguing than a book.The hunger to become something in life is lacking.Public libraries are losing their people.Youth is more concern about posting the photo of cat or dog on social media an less to food their thougths.People are facing mental disorders due to this habit.They dont know that they are facing the disorder but these disorders are silencing the talents of the youth.The are satisfied by taking A+ in a subject and dont know the fact that these grades are only good enough to decorate their transcripts and cannot give them peaceful.These grades can make them happy for the moment but at the end what is required is the skill which this frustrated education system is not giving to them.They have to earn those skills by themselves.The skills which class rooms does not give to them.The leadership skills,Communication skills,Public speaking skills.

In my opinon this is very alarming situation,If and only if we will not take some ingenous measures to make our youth skillful this nation will continue to produce machines rather than human beings.This nation will not be able to flourish if we will remain negligent than it is not far that this nation will become history as Iqbal said
“Tumhari dastan tak na ho gi dastano me”


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