The modern technology!!!How it is destroying the youth?

With the every passing day the technology is touching the height of fame.Count it as smartphone or laptops,today’s youth is paying the price of this emerging technology.Recent research shows that a teenager consumes more time on smartphones per day than their sleep.This is very serious situation.Social media is playing important role to silence the talent of the youth.A teenager today prefer to sit having cell phone in his hand than to invest his time in some productive thing.This is one of the core reason that youth today does not satisfy the criteria to be a successful person.A person prefers to spend time on facebook than to develop his communication skills.He prefers to scroll down pictures on instagram than to develop his mental strenght. Book reading is the died habit in today’s youth.Some years ago book reading was one of the favourite hobby of youth but with the evolution of modern technology a teenager prefers to waste his time on twitter than to read the book.Book reading is the food of thought.With book reading you can develop brilliant minds,you can develop productive minds.A facebook story is now intriguing than a book.The hunger to become something in life is lacking.Public libraries are losing their people.Youth is more concern about posting the photo of cat or dog on social media an less to food their thougths.People are facing mental disorders due to this habit.They dont know that they are facing the disorder but these disorders are silencing the talents of the youth.The are satisfied by taking A+ in a subject and dont know the fact that these grades are only good enough to decorate their transcripts and cannot give them peaceful.These grades can make them happy for the moment but at the end what is required is the skill which this frustrated education system is not giving to them.They have to earn those skills by themselves.The skills which class rooms does not give to them.The leadership skills,Communication skills,Public speaking skills.

In my opinon this is very alarming situation,If and only if we will not take some ingenous measures to make our youth skillful this nation will continue to produce machines rather than human beings.This nation will not be able to flourish if we will remain negligent than it is not far that this nation will become history as Iqbal said
“Tumhari dastan tak na ho gi dastano me”


The winning Mentality!!!

Attitude is everything.What you thinks you become.If you will have positive attitude towards the problems of life,you will unlock the doors towards the destination.Attitude is the thing which differentiate optimists from pessimists.attitude is the thing which differentiate champion from a looser.


What you think is the first step towards achieving your goal.If your will give respect to your fears then you will not be able to enjoy the perks of the successful life.Well its true that you will face obstacles while chasing your goals.The biggest of them will be criticism. In fact I must say that if you are no facing criticism than you should know that you are not doing any thing productive in life.The one who will not care about the criticism of other people will pass the first stage of  success.Never ever kill your dream just because anybody else don’t like it.Everyone has his own life and every one of us has the right to live his life with full passion.Secondly do the things which you like because if you are just following the trend and not following your passion than you are not actually living,you are just surviving.If you like technology go in that field.If you like paints become an artist.If you like singing,go and chase your dream.In a nutshell don’t be the puppet who is being controlled by the society.Try to figure out your purpose in life,because a man without purpose is just like animal who is surviving and is happy because he is getting something to eat two times a day and to get this he is serving his lord.So be a human being with purpose,because a human being with purpose is the most powerful thing present in this universe.Follow the signs and intuition because at some stages you will feel hopeless,you will feel down.Here the difference lies between a champion and a looser because a champion will overcome the obstacles while looser will just quit.The one who will quit will not enjoy the perks of success.If you have not find your purpose of life yet than find it not only because of you but also due to those who will get rewarded when you will achieve your dream.Never think that you cannot do it,because this thinking will kill your passion.


Try to do justice with your talent,skills and passion because if you will not do justice with them then at some stage of your life you will find that you have lost the moon while counting the stars.You will find that your dreams will be buried with you at the end if you will not follow them because at the end we all are going to DIE so let make the life worth remembering so that at the end you will be able to say


Census…Why it is necessary?

At last the big news is around the corner.Pakistan is all set to conduct the census after 19 years.The last time when census was conducted in Pakistan was back in 1998.This event at this stage will play a major part in determining the direction of the country.Now the question is that what will be the results which could be produced after the event.

  • Edge in the war against terrorism:Just at the stage when the operation Rad ul Fasad is started across the country aided by the armed forces of the country, census at this stage will play vital role.If conducted with full dedication it will determine the  number of the people who are living in the country illegally.It will also determine the number of Afghan immigrants who crossed the border in the early past.Just with the census, government is also interested in sealing the Pak Afghan 2300 KM border in response of the recent terrorists attacks being held across the country in the recent days which costs us 100+ lives.So both these factors will contribute towards the development of peace in the country.
  • Determining the literacy rate of the country:One of the most important result which we will get after the census is the determination of the literacy rate which is still a myth for Pakistan.Government uses high number to tell the literacy rate just for point scoring but the actual story tells different thing.So this will set a direction for the policy makers if they will consider this seriously
  • Involvement of transsexuals: For the first time in the history of Pakistan transsexuals will be counted in the census.In Pakistan it is not a common practice to provide equal opportunities to transsexuals which is surely injustice to them.In the result of census the exact number will be determined which may attract policy makers towards them and may government take some serious steps to give them their rights
  • Electoral benefits: Just when general elections are around the corner and considering the fact that the previous elections were blamed heavily to be rigged, census will give advantage to make electoral process easier and comfortable
    Some other advantages may include the direction for solution of energy crisis,educational facilities around the country and the direction to improve the intra structure of the country.

Political wings in Universities

Whenever a student goes to university very first day he take some dreams with him.His parents got some dreams which they used to see from the early age of their child and now they are very near to see them in real.But the real problem arises when their children instead of chasing their goals went into wrong hands and decide to join any political wing in university.Taking about the current incidents in one of the biggest university of Pakistan University of Punjab,when there was fight between “Islami jamiyat Talba” and the police officals when police tried to check the hostel when informed about arms in the hostel.The political activists of the university pelleted stones on the police officals. Now the question arises that from where those stones came in hostel.Brain says that that strategy from the activists was pre-planned and that was their plan in order of police riot.

Now the question arises that how to tackle with these type of wings.According to these unions,they says that they are fighting for the rights of the students.Well this is right upto some extent.They use their powers sometimes to solve the problems of the students but most of the time they use their powers in wrong direction.The above mentioned incident is not the only one.There are number of incidents happened in past too,but is it possible to completely stop these unions?I think not because at this stage they are now grown very much and any action that will try to ban them will be opposed heavily by them and they will use their powers again for survival but the mindset of the students could be changed.If and only if we as an individual try to take the responsibility and to create the atmosphere of tolerence than these type of incidents can be stopped.Unions should know their responsibilities and should know their limits and if they goes out of limit very often then government should take some serious steps in order to put the responsible people behind the bars